We advise clients on questions of general commercial law. We have particular expertise in the following areas

Antitrust Law

Antitrust Advice in Day-to-day Business
Comfield Legal provides companies with antitrust advice in day-to-day business. This includes, for example, the evaluation of cooperation projects with competitors (bidding consortia or joint ventures, purchasing agreements, R&D cooperations) as well as the early-staged evaluation of new business models, including the drafting of contractual conditions.

Antitrust Compliance & In-house Trainings
Comfield Legal advises companies on the design and implementation of their antitrust compliance programmes (in particular with in-house antitrust trainings). Please see Compliance for more information.

Trade Association Compliance
Comfield Legal advises associations on the design and implementation of appropriate antitrust compliance measures (conduct at meetings, preventive measures etc.).

Prevention of cartel damages by supplier cartels (cartel damage prevention)
Comfield Legal advises companies and public clients on the implementation of cartel damage prevention measures. This includes trainings for purchasing departments, supplier compliance advocacy, dealing with anomalies in procurement processes, examining indications and suspicious cases as well as developing and implementing screening concepts (market structure and market behaviour screenings).

Damage claims (incl. follow-on-litigation)
Comfield Legal supports companies and public clients in claiming cartel damages (following on cartels).

Merger Control
Comfield Legal assists companies in the antitrust assessment of merger projects, notifies transactions to the German Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office) and the European Commission and represents companies in merger control proceedings before antitrust authorities.

Antitrust and abuse proceedings
Comfield Legal advises companies in cartel and market abuse proceedings before the German Federal Cartel Office and the European Commission. This includes advice on leniency applications and during investigative measures by the cartel authorities (requests for information, dawn-raids, searches).

Comfield Legal advises companies and trade associations on how to design permissible benchmarkings or on their participation in third-party benchmarkings.

Distribution and commercial law
We advise clients on the choice and design of distribution models (commercial agents, authorised dealers, etc.). We develop lean and pragmatic solutions in a complex legal environment, such as selective distribution systems.

Contractual conditions

We draft commercial contracts tailored to the needs of our clients. We attach great importance to clear structures and simple language. We focus on distribution agreements, framework agreements, service agreements, supply agreements, cooperation agreements and general terms and conditions.


We represent companies before courts or arbitration tribunals in the enforcement or defence of claims. We conduct the proceedings economically and inform in advance which procedure offers the greatest chances of success from an entrepreneurial point of view.

Corporate Law

We provide advice on liability issues, corporate governance and issues relating to governing bodies. In addition, we take over the corporate housekeeping of companies.

Data protection

As a result of the increased liability and fine risks, data protection regulations have become considerably more important for companies. We advise you on the implementation of the requirements of the GDPR taking into account the latest data protection compliance standards.

Criminal Compliance

Company fines and criminal proceedings against the top management have increased in recent years. We represent companies in criminal proceedings, in particular with regard to corruption, fraud, subsidy fraud and agreements restricting competition.

Construction law

We advise on private construction law in all phases of a project, including the supervision of infrastructure measures and project organization with a focus on compliance issues. We start at the earliest possible stage and, in addition to drafting the contracts, take particular account of the structuring of processes and responsibilities.

In addition, we advise on other compliance-relevant areas of law, such as money laundering prevention, public procurement law and IT and IP compliance.